Torsten Bühl
Software Engineer & Founder

Hi, I'm Torsten. I am the founder of Foodlane, Company Signal, and Exceptiontrap (acquired by Scout APM). I strive to build simple and beautiful software products that people love to use. And sometimes I write about Ruby-related software development here

Founded Companies


Online ordering system for restaurants

Modern & user-friendly online ordering system for restaurants.

Super-fast checkout, easy to manage, online payments built-in, pickup confirmation by text, and more...

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Company Signal

Support honest employee feedback

Company Signal provides an ongoing employee survey to encourage honest feedback. Make the workplace better for everyone.

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Exceptiontrap banner

Exceptiontrap (acquired by Scout APM)

Error monitoring for web applications

Exceptiontrap was an error monitoring service for web applications. It grouped similar errors together and notified the owner in real-time. With plug-ins for Ruby on Rails and PHP. It was also listed on Heroku's add-on marketplace.