Software Developer and Founder Torsten Bühl

I am the founder of Exceptiontrap and Positronapp, two SaaS with a focus on simple usage and a beautiful & clean user-interface. Learn more about them below. You can also find some articles about software development (especially Ruby related) here.



Error and Exception tracking webservice to monitor your applications in production

Exceptiontrap catches exceptions and errors via its JSON-API. Then it will group them and notify the developer about new errors in real-time. Plugins for Ruby on Rails 2/3/4, PHP5 and Zend Framework.

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Webservice to manage the keyword rankings of your domains

With Positron you can manage and monitor how the keywords for your domains rank at Google. After you added your domain and some keywords, Positron will fetch all your positions automatically twice a day. If there are changes in your rankings, you will be the first who knows.

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